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Digital Product


We pave the way toward digital product innovations

UMLA is a group of full-service standalone agencies, all focused on pioneering digital products.Our mission is to design and build digital products, curate user experiences, invest in bright ideas, mentor start-up founders, and empower product leaders to reach new heights.

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Our story

Our story started 10 years ago when Kyrylo Lazariev, CEO of Lazarev.Agency and Dmytro Umen, CEO of Brights, decided to bring world-class digital talents together for the sake of full-scale digital product development.

Product design agency

Lazarev. was founded with a mission of moving businesses forward through user-centered UI/UX design. Having niche expertise in product design, Lazarev. creates market-leading and immersive user experiences.

Software development agency

Brights was established to help companies achieve business goals through custom development. Having niche expertise in product development, Brights perfectly implements design solutions and ensures an error-free user experience.

UMLA unites top niche experts around digital products

We’re the strategic partners throughout the whole journey. We ally world-class digital talent — business developers, designers, engineers, consultants, and marketers to bring uncompromising digital products to everyone.



We've evolved and grown into a full-fledged digital product agency delivering full-pack services. We support and invest in our company brands. This investment means we attract and retain world-best experts and let only the worthy in.



working since





Niche expertise

ULMA is made up of functional teams focusing on specific areas. Niche expertise allows us to make every aspect of the product win, notice even the merest things, and come up with creative breakthroughs.

Proper handoff

Being in sync and knowing the peculiarities of each other work, we minimize headaches & second-guessing and guarantee appropriate design-to-development handoff.


trust us


they say


“Their level of engagement makes us feel like we have an in-house team of developers.”

Steve Fuller CEO, The Guided App


"Their team was great with communication and made sure we were updated with every change to our website."

Laith Masarweh CEO, Assistantly


"From the get-go, they gave me the confidence that Kirill and his team would be able to meet my needs."

Tommy Duek Founder, Hackernauts

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